T1D Exposed
The Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project


The mission of The Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project is to promote awareness, connect people living with type one diabetes (T1D), and fundraise for both local and global diabetes organizations. Living with T1D changes a person's body, and the T1D Exposed calendar features tasteful nude portraits of individuals embracing those changes and their lives with type one.

In this year's calendar, each participant is showcasing a passion in their portrait. T1D is part of their lives, but is not the single story of their fascinating existence. Thank you to all the participants for embracing this opportunity. It can be so hard to shed the clothes and shed the shame that is associated with our bodies. Your willingness to share your bravery and self acceptance is truly inspiring to the T1D community. Your type one bodies are beautiful, diverse, capable, and embraced.

Our Participants

All the T1D Exposed participants strive to embrace their lives and bodies with type 1 diabetes every day.


All proceeds from T1D Exposed will be donated to Carb DM and DYF, and JDRF.


This projects connects people living with T1D, promotes awareness of type one, and raises funds for the T1D community.

Our Amazing 2018 Participants


A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for helping to support this project.

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If you would like to participate in future T1D advocacy projects or connect with others living with type one, say hello!